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Your alternative telecommunications provider in Luxembourg and Germany

Our portfolio includes the planning, construction and operation of integrated telecommunications solutions, as well as the delivery of data, Internet and communication services, particularly when it comes to high quality and bandwidth requirements.

Our tailor-made solutions are mainly oriented to business customers in Luxembourg and Germany, as well as national and international telecommunications operators.

Our services

Managed Services

Founded in 2006, artelis s.a. combines the activities of two telecommunications companies cegecom s.a. (operating in Luxembourg since 1999) and VSE NET GmbH (operating in Germany since 1998).

Thanks to the many years of experience of both companies, the artelis Group can bring more quickly and cost-effectively new products onto the market and offer cross-border services. Our sites and datacenters are located in Luxembourg and Germany.

The shareholders of artelis





The management of artelis

Didier Wasilewski and Marc Kahabka are directors of  artelis s.a., cegecom s.a. and VSE NET GmbH

„The artelis group commit to meet the needs of our customers thanks to a wide range of solutions, a fast and reliable service and by constantly listening to our customers.“

Didier Wasilewski and Marc Kahabka


One of the most state-of-the-art telecommunications networks in Europe

Across the Greater Region, artelis offers its own state-of-the-art fibre optic network, linked to the major European telecommunications centres.

The key factors of our success speak for themselves

Thanks to our flexibility and reliability, artelis can provide solutions that are tailor-made to your own specific needs. Many customers, such as hospitals, administrations, banks, industries, insurances, SMEs and other telecommunications providers, have been placing their trust in the high-quality services of the artelis Group for years.